You know Dean called Kevin Katniss…but I think Dean was wrong…


was always


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» The eager yet shy Rp’er

"Do you wanna do an rp?

C’mon lets go roleplay

You’re never online anymore

log on some more

Its like you’ve gone away!

We used to make good stories

and now we’ve stopped

I wish you would tell me whyyyy

Do you wanna do an rp?

It can even be real smuttyyyy”

"Go away nonnie"

"Okay bye…"

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Have you ever kissed anyone?


» Put “Notice me damn it” In my ask if I am your senpai
» send me ‘have you evers’ and i will reply with yes or no

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Thank you for following me *gently touches your face and whispers: you're amazing* what did you like about my horrible blog that made you want to follow?

ah um…th-thank you haha firstly! Your blog is not horrible it is funny! You also seem like a very nice person and thats why I followed you! also your url is freckledjesusbeliever and I have never seen a url so great before and it is nice to see someone who is such a fan of marco even if he is…only…half the man he used to be……..

I'm psychic.


Mun, you wear Champion boxer-briefs?


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